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IT Support & Development

Using ITIL and lean frameworks, our team work to optimise the people, resources, effort, and systems of your business.

Our core objective is to –

  • Identify and resolve the root causes of longstanding problems.

Alveus is here to identify and resolve recurring problems that drain resources, impact your team performance and create substantial costs.

  • Set up proactive alarms that notify you and Alveus of any threats or issues within your organisation.

Sometimes by the time an issue is identified, it has already caused a significant cost to your business.


Alveus uses smart monitoring systems to ensure your network and services remain stable.

Identify & Resolve

The moment you place your support call or raise an online request the team are available to help.

We identify and resolve as soon as possible. You will be kept in the loop of all action taken, future preventative measures and steps your users can take to solve independently in the future.

Qualified technicians are a call away.



Sometimes we need a little bit more than resolutions.

Alveus has a team of full stack developers experienced in a wide variety of fields, including but not limited to e-commerce, web design, APIs & webhooks, etc.

You will have complete control and visibility of your project with a dedicated project manager assigned.

More for less.

Our team are available 24/7 to develop, support and design.

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